Day 387

It is seldom that I am so tired at the end of a Thursday that I am really just waiting for the weekend to get here. I love my work and I love teaching, but this week I was scheduled to teach four twelve-hour days (and one blessedly short 8-hour day). “…and He rested on the seventh day from all His work.” No, I am not comparing myself to Him, and I know there are much harder jobs that I could be doing… but it is from Genesis 2:2 of Torah that we derive the origin of the commandment to rest on the Sabbath. We all rest in our own way, but I will definitely be enjoying my weekend.

After a frustrating week of very minor drops (and a few days without even that), I was relieved to step onto the bathroom scale this morning to realize a .8 lb. drop from yesterday. While that brings my week-over-week drop to an almost anemic 1.6 lbs. from last Friday, I also have to accept that leading up to that day, I had lost nearly 8 lbs. over the previous week. I know this slowdown was my body adjusting to that shock, and I am grateful that there was no day that I actually gained weight!

Last night was amazing. It was my only evening this week that I was not teaching, and I got to spend it with my wife. Leslie and I had a lovely video cigar date that was so peaceful that I did not want it to end. We both enjoyed two cigars, which is not as common as you might think for the middle of winter. It helped that while rainy, the temperatures in Burlington were hovering around 3°, and until the wind picked up toward the very end of our second cigar, it was really quite pleasant outside. I did bundle up in my winter jacket, but I did not even think to wear my scarf. Leslie and I discussed myriad topics from the day – some more difficult than others – and I think we both realized that our harder days are made easier because we have each other.

Looking back on this week, I am torn between being proud that I stuck to my full-fast program religiously – allowing myself only an extra cup of tea and a few lozenges – and disappointed that I could not be more active. I am looking forward to next week, which will be a much less busy week (only three evening classes) and seeing if I can get more exercise. At the same time, I am concerned that without the 12-hour structured day requiring tremendous focus I might find it more difficult to stay true to the program. I know that I was able to do it over last weekend, so I am probably concerned for nothing. I also hope that aside from the few social and personal obligations that I have I will still be able to focus on studying and getting ready for that next exam that I want to take. I know that over the last two weeks I have not made any progress with that; I am comforted by the fact that this was not because I was lazy or distracted, rather I was traveling and then working. Perhaps I am not losing focus, and the ADHD meds are still working!

I took my shirts and sports jacket to the dry cleaners last night and will not have them back until Tuesday. Today I am wearing a shirt that is button-down but more casual, still with a necktie, under my blue sports jacket (which has now been altered twice and does not fit nearly as well). I still think I look okay but am looking forward to having my full wardrobe back. Last night I was musing with Leslie about what I might order when I visit the tailor on March 1. They always have package specials which they do not post on their website, so unless they send an email blast, I will have to wait until the day to make my final decisions. As much as I want to look good, I would not be spending their full retail prices for custom-tailored clothes. I am hoping to get a few shirts, a couple pair of pants, a couple vests, and a sports jacket. I will not allow myself to spend more than $2000 Canadian dollars for my order though… taxes, duties, and delivery included. We’ll see what they are offering. I am still excited that I can really start investing in looking good!

Looking good may begin with the clothes, but proper grooming is critical. To that end, I am relieved to be going for a haircut on Tuesday. There is an undefined but clear delineation with my hair between short, longer but still looks good, and ‘can comb it as much as I want but by 11am it still looks unkempt.’ I transitioned from Stage 2 to Stage 3 somewhere between Friday and Tuesday.

My plan for the day is, once again, to stay on track. I walked into Fortino’s yesterday evening after I dropped off my dry cleaning, and I was tempted to buy a challah roll for this evening’s Shabbat prayers. Almost as soon as I thought of it, I dismissed the idea. There are so many ways for me to fall off the wagon, but I am not going to blame my relationship with G-d for any of my failures. I marked down three short-term goals yesterday, and the best way to ensure that I do not hit any of them is to start doing stupid things like eating bread and blaming G-d for it.

Aside from my actual weight, there are a few other numbers on my weight tracking spreadsheet that I like looking at… My Body Mass Index (BMI) has dropped from 49.5 to 36.4, my body fat has dropped from 39.9 to 32.3, and my Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) has dropped from 2,884 to 2,201. These are huge improvements! I am still not in the healthy range, but I am on my way. With patience, dedication, and the support of my small circle, I will get there eventually. It would be nice if I could do that in this calendar year.

Okay, it is time to start teaching. It will be another long day, but at least today I have a lunch break, and my class will be doing some of their labs.

Have a great day folks!

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