Day 157

I just failed my renewal assessment for one of my certifications. It is for a technology that I use, but I do not use most of the features. I will have to re-take the certification exam at some point in the future, but it is not something that I am particularly worried about.Last night was... Continue Reading →

Day 134

This should be easy math: Yesterday I did not (really) cheat, and therefore my weight this morning was down. While it is certainly the case today, it frustrates me that it does not always work this way. Yes, my measurement on the bathroom scale was a good one (not quite my lowest weigh-in, but close).... Continue Reading →

Day 121

I really have to start reining in my peanuts buying. I did not go terribly overboard yesterday, but I did buy more than I should haveā€¦ unless I was going to spread them across a couple of days, which I did not.Other than the peanuts I stuck to the plan, and I am happy to... Continue Reading →

Day 100

I was slightly better yesterday than I was today. After my initial fear that I had nothing in the house, I discovered a piece of salmon in the freezer. I also had tomatoes and onions, and while that is not much, my mother used to make a lovely salad with just those two ingredients and... Continue Reading →

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