Day 475

This morning’s two-pound drop from yesterday was a welcome sight. I had a meal a couple of hours after my root canal which consisted of chicken, sweet potato fries (air fried, of course), and salad. I probably ate around 4:00pm and did not eat anything after that… if you discount a couple of painkillers.

I fell asleep on the balcony for a couple of hours which resulted in my being a bit chilled for the entire night. Oops! That wasted half of a very nice cigar, but not one that I will cry over. I suppose I was a little fatigued.

This afternoon after my class is finished I have an appointment for a haircut, then with the doctor. This will likely be my first doctors visit in four months at which I do not register a drop in weight. I will probably have gained a couple of kilograms. Add to the fact that I am breaking my pattern of going in the morning (this is when he was available) and I am pretty sure that I will not be impressed with the numbers on my official weigh-in… but I am not going to stick my head in the sand and pretend that I do not know how it happened. I have been off-track these last few weeks, and I will see the results. I did better yesterday, and I will do better today. That is not to say that I am back on-track, only that I am trying to get there. One or two days does not a pattern make.

I miss my wife. Every time we are apart it hurts. I realized this morning that I made a mistake on my countdown, which I thought had her flying in four weeks from today. In fact she is arriving in just under 32 days, which means I was off by four. It is painful, but it is the reality. I hope that by then I have well and truly gotten back on track. I know that with patience all will work out… I just hate the wait. I wish we could be together now and always.

Okay, it is time for me to go get my haircut. Have a great day folks!

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