Why Are We Fat?

There are several reasons why people gain weight. Some of them are:Lack of education about nutrition.Gluttony – we just want more.Stress – many people turn to food when they are stressed.Emotional eating – my boyfriend girlfriend husband wife boss children or whoever have hurt me, and I am going to turn to food to relieve... Continue Reading →

Day 40

Today is the fortieth day of my diet. I am feeling better, my clothes are fitting better. I do not feel like a new person, but I do seem to have more energy than I did at my heaviest. I have a long way to go. Yesterday was not a good day for my diet.... Continue Reading →

A Cause to Die For

I have had a number of causes in my life that I have been (and am) passionate about. I have protested, I have been an activist, and I have been a soldier. I have written articles in support of the causes I believe in and against those things that I oppose. I hope that I... Continue Reading →

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