Day 120

Today is the day that I get back on track. I dropped Leslie at the airport yesterday morning, but before I did, I took her to Stacked for breakfast. While I had the healthy option, I did take a few bites of her French toast. The drive to the airport and dropping her off is always very difficult and sad for both of us, and there were a lot of tears. When she finally made her way to the terminal, I drove home to pick up Her Royal Floofness, who was in serious need of a haircut. I dropped her off at the spa at noon, and went home to have lunch, which was leftover Lebanese food. Folks, I love Shawarma, and while it is healthier than most other fast foods (and healthier still with the salad in place of the rice and potatoes) it is still a bit fattening. This is one of the reasons I knew that this meal was to be my last indulgence… at least, mostly.

After a short nap, I picked up Princess Sophie… and some peanuts. Let me tell you, she looks so absolutely gorgeous! If you don’t believe me, check out her Instagram posting, where she is showing off her new necklace! Wed came home, and we rested for a bit again. Yes, the late night/early morning return from Cuba took a toll on my nearly fifty-year-old body, and I took two naps yesterday.

When we woke up (of course, HRF naps with me too) I prepared dinner – my usual chicken with salad. Of course, it was later than I like to eat my dinner, especially knowing that I had been doing so well making my big meal the lunchtime meal. I was still hungry, and I had another helping of peanuts… and eventually I had a meal replacement shake as well. All in all, yesterday was not a good day on the diet. I am ashamed to admit that I also went searching for a couple of other snacks throughout the day. Fortunately I did not find them, otherwise the result on the scale this morning could have been even worse.

Leslie (my fiancée! I love saying that!) is extremely supportive of my diet. She will love me no matter what I look like (as was proven in December) but knows that I want to make serious changes for me and for my health. She confirmed with me last night that this morning I was going to be getting back on my diet, and I promised her that I would be… and so far, I have done just that. I had my shake when we got back from our walk, along with my coffee. My plan is to make chicken for lunch, then a salad with tuna for dinner, and another shake in the evening. I am hoping that gets me back on the right track.

Speaking of that track, yes… my weight was up again this morning. It is not terribly up, but it is enough to give me a strong reminder that the vacation is over, and it is time to start eating right again!

By the way, we did bring sugar home from Cuba. We did not go into a grocery store to buy it, but we did empty a few containers that were on the table with coffee into a Ziplock bag. If you don’t know, Cuba was once one of the world’s leading sugar producers, and they still make a fine product… all natural, no chemicals or refining. Just pure cane sugar. It is amazing, and I now have a pound of it in my kitchen. It will go well with the Cuban coffee that we brought home… which we did buy from a store!

I will spend a couple of hours at Lyle and Dorothy’s house today, and then will come straight home. It is always good seeing friends! Lyle asked me to bring him something from Cuba, so it will be a good opportunity to deliver that as well.

Have a great day folks!

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