Day 409

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday afternoon during my lunch break I sat outside on the balcony smoking a cigar and chatting with my wife. This morning I looked outside and there was nearly a foot of new snow on the ground. What a difference a day makes on the bathroom scale? I would have liked to get down back into best-weight-yet territory, but that was not on the cards for this morning. Yes, I dropped .8 lb. which takes me back to where I was Monday, but that is nearly half a pound from best weight, and nearly two full pounds from dropping below 270 lbs., which I have had as my goal for Thursday. What just a few days ago looked to be an easy lock is now back in the possible, but not certain column. I also want to maintain my pace of losing at least three kilos between doctors’ visits, my next appointment being Wednesday. Today I am down barely 1.5kg from my last appointment. I would say that I just have to redouble my efforts, but really there is nothing left that I can cut out of my diet. I would love to go for a jog, but we got 20cm of fresh snow yesterday evening. I am not sure if I will go out for anything today. We’ll see. Hopefully by tomorrow the roads will be clear and if I cannot jog then at least I will dig my car out and go to the gym.

I was relieved to be able to move my bowels yesterday afternoon without any pain or discomfort. I am truly glad I started taking the fibre. It was not as productive as my previous attempts this week, but that is partly because it was not several days between tries. This morning I felt like I might but was unsuccessful. Okay, with zero solid foods, that is to be expected.

My daytime class ended yesterday, and the student evaluations were perfect for the instructor category, which is always nice to see. If nothing else, it ensures that the training company will be eager to continue hiring me. Strong evaluations are the currency that keep trainers like me in business. When they are happy with me then I can continue to afford the necessities in life… child support, rent, trips to see my beautiful wife, and cigars. Oh… and dog food. I think I might do well to pick up a new bag of that before my flight Thursday. I do not want to leave that responsibility up to Sue, who is so wonderful as it is.

After initially writing that I was unsuccessful, I took a break from writing to visit the latrine and was extremely successful. Equally important is that it was not painful. I am glad that I am taking the fibre, and that it is helping. I am not sure that it is not a contributing factor to my stalled progress on the weight loss journey, but the painful strain of the bathroom is not something that I want to endure unnecessarily. Also, hopefully I am now back on track. I hope to continue to downward weight trend this week. It would be disappointing only to myself if I were to fly to Dallas without dropping below 270 lbs., but that is a goal that I set, and I would like to achieve it. As of this morning, I weigh 16 lbs. less than I did the day I left Dallas on February 1. If I can edge that up by a couple more pounds, I will be extremely happy. I would have liked for that number to be an even twenty-pound loss in my absence, but though it might seem longer, that is only a five-week period… and that would be a lot.

With the drop this morning, my BMI once again drops below 35, hopefully for the last time. I am sick and tired of this yoyo between obesity classes. I want to be on the road to overweight, and not straddling this line. Argh!

My diet buddy is coming over for coffee this morning so I will be able to talk with her about my frustrations. She will definitely understand. This will be our first meeting since early January at which I will not be excited about a tremendous weight drop. I am almost exactly where I was when we met last weekend, and that is frustrating. That is why we have diet buddies… to share the good, but also to support each other through the bad. I do not know if my frustration with a plateau is really a bad, but it is not a good. Oh well.

My plans for today are to try to stay on track. There is a slight chance that I will drive up to Milton for a cigar, but I do not think that will happen. I will stay close to home and just relax. It was a very long and stressful week, and I could really use the time to decompress. If it is not too windy then this afternoon, I will likely have a cigar on the balcony if I do not drive up to Milton. The important thing is that I stay on track with my program.

Have a great day folks!

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