Day 153

I have posted on my blog these last few days, but I have not written in my journal. Why? Here’s what has been going on.Friday, I thought I was just exhausted because of the release of anxiety from being allowed back into the United States. I also felt I was catching a cold, which at... Continue Reading →

Was it a Workout… or Two?

I set out to go shopping this morning… on foot. It is the second time that I have done that since I started the program, and we are sixteen days since my last one. I have not worked out in that time.More than two weeks ago, upon returning from that first (grueling) walk, I wrote... Continue Reading →

But Was It a Workout?

As I prepared to leave on my walk, I decided I should install the Endomondo app on my phone. It is what I used to track my walks. I searched the app store, and it was not there. It seems it was discontinued. Oh well. I decided to try another one, which I installed, logged... Continue Reading →

Day 72

One of the most infuriating parts of my life is the bathroom scale, and the unreliable floor underneath it. There are mornings when I want to drop to my knees and hug them. There are mornings when I want to set off huge explosives at ground zero and let them both leave this world to... Continue Reading →

Day 58

Yesterday morning my friend Eduardo picked me up, and we drove down to St. Catherines to spend a few hours with his son. There was some minor computer work that needed to be done – having to do mostly with Quickbooks, which made it more Victor’s area of knowledge than mine. The three of us... Continue Reading →

Day 49 Part 2

I am up from two weeks ago. Only one pound, but I have to get back on track. I hope I have my head on straight now, and I can refocus my energy on the weight loss plan.My doctor asked me what exercises I have been doing, and I told him that because of my... Continue Reading →

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