Day 200

I have long since gotten out of the habit of reading where I was on my weight loss journeys from my previous two diaries. As today is a milestone (Day 200) I decided to take a gander, if only to encourage me a bit.In my 2017 diary, I had originally dropped to 275lbs, and by... Continue Reading →

Day 168

Today is my fiftieth birthday. A lot of water under the bridge. I have been through a lot, and I have survived it all. I am grateful for what I have and for who I am, and for where I am. Could it be better? In some respects, yes. Could it be worse? In many... Continue Reading →

Day 38

Last night was an incredible night, but yesterday was a very emotionally difficult day.The story:When I was in Montreal a couple of weeks ago, Esti (my father’s widow) gave me a DVD to borrow of a presentation that my father did. Dad grew up in a poor, very Jewish immigrant neighbourhood of Montreal (that has... Continue Reading →

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