Just Ignore Them

A few days ago, I shared a piece that I wrote about peer pressure. I was angry that a friend of mine tried to get me to eat something that was not only fattening but also not kosher. I wrote the article to remind myself – and others like me – how hard it is... Continue Reading →

Kindly Shut Up!

I mentioned earlier that I was at a friend’s birthday party over the weekend, and it was a lovely day… that was marred by my friend trying to get me to eat something that I should not eat. In this particular case, he was telling me how good the blood sausage was. I told him... Continue Reading →

Lead Me Not Into Temptation!

Thank you, but I know the way. I do not need any help finding temptation, it is all around me. When it is not around me, I am still tempted by things in my mind.To wit: While there are ‘naughty’ foods in my kitchen, most of them are things that are reserved for Leslie to... Continue Reading →

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