Day 94

Today’s article could just as easily be titled ‘Perception of Progress: Do not trust your memory!’ I suspect I will have a lot of people who know exactly what I am talking about.I am in the phase where I feel like I have lost a lot of weight, and that I haven’t lost anything.Anyone who... Continue Reading →

Was it a Workout… or Two?

I set out to go shopping this morning… on foot. It is the second time that I have done that since I started the program, and we are sixteen days since my last one. I have not worked out in that time.More than two weeks ago, upon returning from that first (grueling) walk, I wrote... Continue Reading →

But Was It a Workout?

As I prepared to leave on my walk, I decided I should install the Endomondo app on my phone. It is what I used to track my walks. I searched the app store, and it was not there. It seems it was discontinued. Oh well. I decided to try another one, which I installed, logged... Continue Reading →

Day 17

My unreliably measured weight loss continues at a steady pace, and I am happy for that. I really do wish that I could be certain of the exact numbers on the scale, but I am not willing to move out of my apartment just to be able to weigh myself properly. Maybe when they re-open... Continue Reading →

Golf Can Be Exercise… or not.

About eighteen months ago I started golfing again. In fact, I became a very frequent golfer, often playing 5-6 times per week. I would either play with friends, or I would go to the course and let them pair me with someone new. It was quite relaxing, and very enjoyable. With very few exceptions, I... Continue Reading →


I enjoyed my meal-replacement soup exactly on schedule, and then picked a fine cigar to enjoy on the balcony… and after that, another. I was supposed to have a meeting at 5:30, but he canceled early, so I was able to finish that second cigar without rushing it. I came back into the house, took... Continue Reading →

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